My Health MaP

My Health MaP

Canadians experience the longest wait times for healthcare in the developed world.
When an individual has a serious illness and has to wait for medical care, their health deteriorates, often leading to absences from work.

Individuals rely on primary care physicians to access specialist care but, more than 62% of physicians report finding a specialist is their biggest challenge – and until now there has been no detailed directory to help locate specialists with the expertise and availability needed.

My Health MaP is an always-on, self-serve healthcare navigation tool that helps individuals who are ill or experiencing the early onset of symptoms access personal, real time information about specialist care and other timely healthcare resources in their community.

Specialist Search

This means that from the moment individuals start feeling unwell they can search and find the specialists most appropriate for their personal need. Powered by smart technology and drawing on thousands of previous patient experiences, the My Health MaP database offers real-time up-to-date information based on an individual’s geography and personal details. My Health MaP is the only detailed directory of specialists across Canada that verifies the specialty, sub-specialties, expertise and wait times of individual specialists.

COVID-19 Navigation

My Health MaP also includes a robust but easy-to-use COVID-19 tool that not only walks an individual through a personalized assessment, but also explains the condition, the risks to the individual and helps them understand if they need to be tested, and how to access testing if they do.


We know that when patients are informed, they are more confident and when they are more confident, they are more active in their healthcare. With personalized information from My Health MaP in hand, they can have more productive discussions with their primary practitioner and access specialist care sooner. In turn, they feel better and can get back to the business of being well.

At the same time, employers see an estimated 3-month reduction in illness-related absence and ROI of 420% or greater in payroll savings due to reduced illness-related absence.

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