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Reduce Benefit and Disability Costs Up To 20%

An Example of Real Results:

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Need: Shoulder/hip/knee replacement

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Outcome: MedExcellence reduces recovery period by an average of 266 days.

Corporation Benefits

  • Reduced presenteeism and absenteeism
  • Reduced health benefit costs
  • Improved productivity

One major cause of presenteeism/absenteeism

Disempowered Healthcare Consumers

Commonly held beliefs about the Canadian healthcare system:

  • Is responsible for our healthcare
  • Will do all the work and make all the decisions
  • Doctor knows best

MedExcellence – A Solution with Real Results

MedExcellence provides Individuals with efficient access to the ideal physician specialists and the skills to partner with them for optimal outcomes.

The MedConfidence Network

An unmatched network of Canadian physician specialists:

  • More than 11,000 leading specialists
  • Across more than 800 subspecialties
  • “I am so thankful to Medical Confidence... because of you I am able to look forward to another Christmas playing with my grandchildren.”

    – MedExcellence User

  • “Not only did Medical Confidence save us over 13% in absenteeism-related costs, but employee morale and productivity have improved.”

    –VP, Human Resources

  • “Every orthopedic surgeon I spoke with told me my only option was a hip replacement, which meant I needed to wait until I could no longer walk. Medical Confidence helped me find a leading surgeon in hip resurfacing procedures, and got me my life back.”

    –MedExcellence User

  • “After waiting 6 months to see a specialist only to find out he didn’t treat my condition, Medical Confidence found me a leading specialist who saw me in just 3 weeks, and performed my surgery only 4 weeks later.”

    –MedExcellence User

Case Studies


43 year-old accountant told she needed a hysterectomy

  • Casual absences were between 3 and 4 days per month, plus impact of presenteeism (due to anemia)
  • Case manager expected her to be off work for 180 days for hysterectomy procedure
  • Medical Confidence helped Sonia engage a MedConfidence gynecologist who specialized in fibroids and minimally invasive surgery
  • A myomectomy was identified as the preferred procedure for her case
  • Sonia returned to work 14 days after her procedure

Expected days off reduced by 166 days


50 year-old software developer requiring a shoulder replacement

  • Was already off on STD
  • Case manager expected he would be off work between 1316-1499 additional days
  • Primary Care Practitioner referred him to an orthopedic surgeon
  • 4 months wait  for 1st apt. only to find out surgeon only treats hips & knees
  • Would have been another 4 months wait to see a surgeon who treats shoulders
  • Medical Confidence was engaged and Jim was seen 3 weeks later by a MedConfidence orthopedic surgeon specializing in shoulders
  • Surgery occurred 4 months after his first consultation
  • Jim returned to work 292 days after calling Medical Confidence

Expected days off reduced by 1024-1207 days


37 year-old sales executive with clinical depression

  • After having a miscarriage Barb fell into depression
  • Casual absences became the norm and her performance was under review
  • Manager suggested she see a medical practitioner
  • Primary Care Practitioner referred her to a psychiatrist and with a 10 month wait, he requested she take a leave of absence from work
  • Medical Confidence was engaged immediately and Barb was seen 2 weeks later by a MedConfidence psychiatrist specializing in depression
  • Cognitive therapy and pharmacotherapy began immediately
  • Barb commenced gradual return to work 120 days after calling Medical Confidence, and was back on the job full-time 70 days later

Expected days off reduced by 294 days

Organization Client Sample Outcome

Absenteeism Direct Cost Drivers Annual Savings with Medical Confidence
Casual absences and sick days 8%
STD claims 15%
LTD claims 19%
Total Cost Savings 13%

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