For Individuals

Many feel as though they are at the mercy of the Canadian healthcare system.

What happens when we don’t participate in our own healthcare?

  • Delays in access and treatment
  • Primary Care Practitioner does not refer to the ideal Specialist
  • Incorrect or inappropriate diagnostic testing
  • Misdiagnosis
  • Treatment less likely to be successful
  • Poor prognosis and outcome

MedExcellence – helps you access the care you need.

Through MedExcellence you will:

  • Share your history with a Registered Nurse
  • Find 2-3 MedConfidence Specialists* with the right skills and availability to treat you
  • Receive help securing the first available appointment and ensuring you are prepared for it.

(*) The MedConfidence Network is a unique database of leading Canadian Specialists. This coast-to-coast network consists of more than 11,000 Specialists across more than 800 areas of specialization.

  • “I am so thankful to Medical Confidence... because of you I am able to look forward to another Christmas playing with my grandchildren.”

    – MedExcellence User

  • “Every orthopedic surgeon I spoke with told me my only option was a hip replacement, which meant I needed to wait until I could no longer walk. Medical Confidence helped me find a leading surgeon in hip resurfacing procedures, and got me my life back.”

    –MedExcellence User

  • “After waiting 6 months to see a specialist only to find out he didn’t treat my condition, Medical Confidence found me a leading specialist who saw me in just 3 weeks, and performed my surgery only 4 weeks later.”

    –MedExcellence User

We are here to help.